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Working Paper #02.18 now available

By Linus Holtermann and Christian Hundt

The Working Paper #02.18 “Hierarchically structured determinants and phase- related patterns of economic resilience – An empirical case study for European regions” is now online and available here  for reading and downloading. An overview of all Working Papers yet published in this blog is provided via the button “Working Papers” in the menu above.


Our paper seeks to provide empirical evidence for a spatial-temporal system of (short-term) regional resilience determinants. Based on groundwork from Martin (2012) and Martin and Sunley (2015), we employ a nested hierarchy of regional and national determinants to constitute the spatial dimension, while we model the temporal dimension through a resistance and a recovery phase. Utilising hierarchical panel data models for a sample of 22 European countries, we can confirm the presence of a spatial-temporal system as we find significant determinants at both spatial levels that are connected via cross-level interactions and reveal varying, if not opposing directions of influences across the sensitivity and recovery phase.